KUDO’s Journey to Bridging Global Communications

Devsinc helped KUDO advance global communication with AI and Expertise.

Languages Supported
Expanded Network Capacity
Increased Customer Retention

Elevating Digital Meetings Across Barriers

KUDO pioneers a dynamic interpretation service that seamlessly blends human expertise with sophisticated AI technology to facilitate multilingual digital meetings, webinars, and events. 

Their platform supports effortless communication across 200+ languages, including spoken and sign languages, sourced from a global network of 12,000 professional interpreters. KUDO's system allows for rapid, easy booking and payment, ensuring that setting up a multilingual meeting can be accomplished in under three minutes.


Maintaining an AI-powered Interpreter

  • Suboptimal Search Capabilities: KUDO’s initial use of Elasticsearch did not meet expectations due to scalability issues, leading to unnecessary costs and inefficiencies. This was a crucial area for optimization to improve service delivery.
  • Integration Limitations with Zoom: The Zoom_rb ruby gem used for Zoom integration was inadequate, particularly in handling error codes and supporting interpreter features during webinars. These limitations compromised user interactions and overall satisfaction.
  • Reliance on Live Interpreters: The dependency on available live interpreters often necessitated last-minute manual interventions, disrupting the service flow and impacting user experiences.
  • Calendar System Integration: The existing plugins for calendar integration failed to meet the specific needs for managing interpreters’ schedules, leading to scheduling conflicts and operational inefficiencies.
Devsinc has stood out for their promptness and responsiveness. The client is extremely satisfied with their performance and technical skills. All in all, they're a reliable and committed partner.
Parham Akhavan, President

How We Fulfilled Our Client’s Expectations?

Considering the challenges and limitations, we decided to implement our expertise that aligns with the KUDO platform’s stable and seamless working.

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  • Optimized Data Handling: Devsinc transitioned to using targeted SQL queries and database indexing within PostgreSQL, enhancing search capabilities efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Custom Zoom Wrapper Development: To overcome the limitations of the existing Zoom integration, Devsinc developed a custom wrapper that improved error handling and enabled robust support for interpreters during webinars.
  • AI-Powered Interpretation Enhancement: Devsinc introduced AI-driven interpretation for over 20 languages to reduce reliance on live interpreters, ensuring consistent and reliable service availability.
  • Custom Calendar Tool: A new, flexible calendar tool was developed using React, allowing interpreters to easily indicate their availability and manage their schedules more effectively with an intuitive drag-and-select interface.

Results Achieved by KUDO

AI-Driven Interpretation

The integration of AI interpretation has revolutionized how users overcome language barriers, providing consistent, real-time translation that enhances inclusivity and broadens collaboration possibilities.

Multilingual Support

With expanded language capabilities, KUDO has transformed into a truly global platform, enabling users from diverse backgrounds to engage fully and effectively in digital meetings.

Improved User Experience

The custom developments in Zoom integration and AI interpretation have resulted in a markedly smoother experience for all users, making digital interactions more enjoyable and productive.

Integrated Interpreter Management

The new custom calendar and streamlined processes have simplified the workflow between interpreters and clients, ensuring that the entire operation is more cohesive and user-friendly.

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KUDO’s Journey to Bridging Global Communications

Devsinc helped KUDO advance global communication with AI and Expertise.

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