How Kudo expanded from 2 to 20 developers & raised $6m from investors


KUDO is a Language-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform. They offer the latest cloud-based technology —and unparalleled language expertise— so you can meet globally in your own language.

Having worked with a different agency based in the Ukraine,Co-Founder and CTO - Parham Akhavan - was looking for faster delivery and found Devsinc while looking for an experienced development partner to expand their team and help them move fast.

The Devsinc team works closely with original engineering teams based in India and Ukraine. Bringing a big focus on Ruby on Rails - Agile17 supports KUDO on their React Frontend, Business analytics and AI initiatives, as well as AWS hosting and management.

What we've done

Originally starting with two developers supporting their engineering efforts, KUDO has expanded its engagement with Devsinc to QA and development operations, now with more than 20 developers.

Some of they key achievements have been

1. Leading day to day engineering in Ruby on Rails and React

2. Developing and supporting team members in new projects, including the build out of AI project - KudoAI

3. Increased feature development velocity from months to weeks


Devsinc has continued to delivered and support great technology for the Kudoteam.

They were successful raising $6m in Seed financing in July 2020 from leading Silicon Valley investors.

Parham Akhavan, Co-Founder and CTO
"The Devsinc is fast and experienced. Their internal training programs have continued to supply our team with great talent and we owe a significant part of our success to their partnership."

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