How Intellirent runs their market leading software platform


Intellirent was looking for a single engineer to integrate Transunion API with their existing application quickly. They tried out many agencies, upwork and even tried to hire in house resources but it was not successful. They then reached out to the Devsinc team where we engaged one engineer initially with them.

Intellirent was so impressed with the performance and professionalism of that one small engagement that they asked us to provide them with more engineers quickly to take care of their growing needs of development in Ruby on Rails, API integrations, React and AWS.

Right now Devsinc is managing the entire engineering side of Intellirent, including frontend, backend, database management and development operations on AWS, compliance and security. Now they can focus more on the business side and leave the pain of hiring, building and growing the engineering team to the Devsinc team.

What we've done

1. Day to day engineering in Ruby on Rails and React

2. Integrations with the third party like Transunion, OKTA, Zendesk etc

3. Ownership and operations of deployments and releases on AWS

4. Scaled team from 1 to 7 engineers


Through their partnership with Devsinc, Intellirent team was able to focus on their business side without worrying about the engineering issues which resulted in their exponential growth in ARR.

Taylor Lambi, CEO
"The Devsinc team quickly built our MVP, and helped us scale to millions of ARR. Their team is fast, efficient and collaborative."

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