Why partner with a software development agency?

Planning a software project? After you’ve carried out the market research, come up with the project requirements and defined the approximate budget, it’s time to turn your idea into reality.

If you don’t have in-house programmers, you’ll need to outsource the development process. Hiring a software development agency is a great way to get this work done. 

Even if you have certain programming resources within your company, outsourcing software development to external professionals can greatly strengthen your team’s potential, as you get additional expertise that your in-house team may not possess.

In this post we will outline the most important benefits you get from hiring a software development agency.


When working with a freelancer, you have to be prepared with a plan B - in case your contractor disappears out of a sudden. Hiring an agency, you can rest assured that this team won’t disappear in a blink of an eye. As a rule, agencies value their reputation and are focused on long-term cooperation and repeat projects.

What is also important, you don’t need to depend on a single person - the whole agency will be responsible for the project result. 

The next argument for an agency reliability versus freelancers is that your relationships with an agency will be fixed with an agreement containing the list of deliverables - i.e., what exactly this team will deliver to you as a result of their work.

Finally, software development agencies are treating confidentiality and data protection issues seriously. Clients in certain industries find it inappropriate to work with freelancers because of these issues, so hiring an agency is actually the only option if they don’t have programming resources in-house. 

More than just writing code 

If you’ve already carried out market research and evaluated your product idea, that’s great! However, if this is something that causes difficulties for you - no need to worry too much. 

A professional software development agency can provide business analysis, and business idea evaluation as well. They can even help you with crafting the monetization strategy for your future product.

However, be prepared that ordering such services can be a costly investment. 

Full cycle of software development 

Next, working with a professional agency, you get the full cycle of software development - from an initial product idea to its implementation, launch and support. Experts from different fields will work on your project - not only software developers, but also QA engineers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, and project managers. 

As you probably know, freelancers are more like all-in-ones, which can negatively impact the overall quality of the end product.

Up-to-date with the latest technologies 

Staying competitive is a high priority for software development agencies. Therefore, they are constantly evolving and mastering the latest technologies to provide the top-notch solutions to their clients.

Experience in different verticals

Software development agencies with solid expertise have built projects for various verticals. Therefore, they already know the specifics of certain industries and can offer valuable insights on how to approach this or that task to achieve better results.

Team scalability

As your product vision is evolving, the project requirements can change accordingly, and that’s absolutely okay! So, if you decide to extend the product functionality and, as a result, need more programming resources to handle this within the desired timeframe, a software development agency is flexible enough to scale up your team accordingly. Scaling the team down is also possible as needed.

Project management 

One more significant benefit of working with a professional agency is that they assign a dedicated manager to a project. A project manager coordinates the work of the whole team, takes care of project related communication, organizes meetings, carries out the project planning and ensures meeting the deadlines. 

This person is actually a connecting link between a client and a development team.

Additional expertise 

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, hiring a software development agency can make sense even if you have programmers within your company. Let’s see how an external team can help.

First, an agency team may have expertise that your current team doesn’t have - say, experience with certain programming languages. Second, an external team can provide your current team with added productivity. The more experts are working on a product, the faster it will be created and released to market.

The key takeaways

We’ve covered the main benefits that a software agency can bring to your project. Unlike freelancers, agencies are way more reliable - they don’t disappear out of a sudden. All the commitments will be written down in a software development agreement.

In addition, they provide the full cycle of software development - from the initial idea evaluation and formalizing the project requirements to the actual product creation, launch and support. With an agency, you can scale the development team up quickly if needed.

So, with a right software development partner you can rest assured that you will build a high quality product.

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